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My Best Recommendation

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Miss. Doan. My case was outside of expertise of most attorneys practicing family law: modification of a child custody agreement involving two different US (MD and NY) and three international (US, France, and Russia) jurisdictions. Miss. Doan took my case despite the apparent complexity. By our first interview she already conducted a preliminary research and presented me different options. She proved to be a careful listener and provided me with all the facts needed to select the most appropriate course of actions. After that Miss. Doan was very quick and precise in implementing it. Very quickly Miss. Doan put together all the documents needed for my case, her writing is logical, clear, and concise. The negotiations turned to be long and difficult. Miss. Doan provided the best kind of support. Whether a consultation, advice, or modification of document is needed, she responded usually the same, or the following day. The matter was urgent, so even on vacation she kept working on my case. I attribute the success of my case largely to Miss. Doan's persistency, logical thinking and clarity of advice. If needed again, Miss. Doan would be the first I ask for help.