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Van (pronounced “Vun”) became a certified mediator while in law school.  As a court-appointed mediator, she has mediated everything from landlord tenant cases to contract disputes, to disputes between siblings regarding a parent’s last will and testament.

Although a strong believer in the mediation process, it has been Van’s experience that mediation may not be the ideal process to resolve the emotional and financial issues involved in almost every domestic/family law matter.  Even when the parties think they have come to an agreement, the emotions are so highly charged that parties in family law matters eventually return to court because there were underlying issues that were left unresolved and/or critical facts which were not revealed during the mediation process. 

However, under the right circumstances, certain family law matters may be successfully mediated.   To determine whether your desired interests and goals would be best achieved by mediation, collaboration, or litigationcontact us for a consultation.