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Collaborative Lawyer in Columbia, MD


Van (pronounced “Vun”) is a certified Collaborative Law professional. Although the collaborative process is a fairly new concept in Maryland, Van believes this is the ideal way to address issues related to dissolution of a marriage. With a collaborative divorce attorney at your side, the process lends itself well to divorce related matters because:

  • Both parties are represented by attorneys who will ensure that the parties are properly informed of their rights under the law;
  • There is a written commitment signed by the parties and their attorneys to be forthcoming and to work together to create a win-win situation;
  • Having agreed to work in a cooperative rather than an adversarial atmosphere, issues are discussed in a calm, mature manner.
  • The parties have the ability to seek advice or assistance from other professionals such as accountants and mental health professionals. These neutral professionals may be able to help the parties see the real financial picture or help parties see and appreciate the situation from a different perspective;
  • The parties are not tied to a deadline. Thus, the process allows parties to address what may be very emotional issues at their own pace; and
  • The possibilities are endless because the parties are free to create a solution that works best for them. What may seem completely outrageous and unheard of inside a courtroom may very well be the best solution for the parties in the long run because they were better able to identify their true goals and objectives during the process.

As a result of the time and emotional investment the parties and their attorneys have put into the process, parties will arrive at a lasting agreement which they are more likely to abide by.

Columbia, MD Collaborative Divorce Attorney

To learn more about collaborative law and to determine whether your desired interests and goals would be best achieved by collaboration, mediation, or litigation, contact the Law Offices of Van T. Doan, LLC for a consultation with a collaborative law professional.